Many monks in Aeons are self-taught. Very few monk schools exist, and they tend to be fairly exclusive. All monks in Aeons gain Autohypnosis as a class skill.

Note that monks of particular schools, as well as those self-taught, receive additional benefits in Aeons. The ones of note are below:

Self-taught: Monks without a school gain the following ability:

  • I Stand Alone: Wholeness of Body costs 1 ki point instead of 2.

The Cult of the Scarlet Fist: Human monks from the kingdom of Morath, inculcated with the state religion. They gain:

  • Purification of Body: When using Wholeness of Body, Cultists of the Scarlet First can opt to gain the benefits of lesser restoration instead of normal healing.

Zura Drath: Gurathi monks in service to the Drath. A female-only elite cadre, for when barbarians are too unruly to get the job done. They gain:

  • Flurry of Tail Slaps:* Gurathi monks can use their tail slap natural attack as part of their flurry of blows starting a 6th level. This third attack will always be the monk’s tail slap attack, progressing in damage using the large monk damage progression.

The Hidden Path: This Torani school is more inclusive of outsiders than others, but makes up for it with it’s secret underground location. Finding the school is proof of one’s dedication. The Hidden Path specializes in teaching monks to use their minds and other senses to overcome the natural limits of their sight. Monks of the Hidden Path gain the following benefit:

  • Sight Beyond Sight:
    1. A monk of the Hidden Path gains the Blind Fighting feat at first level instead of a bonus feat choice.
    2. At 4th level, once the monk gets a ki pool, the monk can gain Blindsense 30ft for 2 rounds by spending 1 ki point.
    3. At 10th level, the monk automatically gains Improved Blind Fighting instead of a bonus feat choice, even if they do not meet the prerequisites.
    4. At 14th level, the monk automatically gains Greater Blind Fighting instead of a bonus feat choice, even if they do not meet the prerequisites.
    5. When at 20th level the monk gains Perfect Self, instead of DR 10/chaotic, the monk gains permanent true seeing as a supernatural ability.


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