Setting Details

Aeons takes place on our planet, but far in the future. Plate tectonics has remade the land, returning all landmass to a single continent much like Pangaea. (This isn’t my fancy idea – many geologists anticipate this occurring in the distant future.) The land is also more freshly cratered, resulting in some interesting ecological developments.

Civilization as we understand it has taken around 10,000 years to develop. In Aeons, the phenomenon of civilization has risen and fallen many times. What caused the falls, and even the subsequent rises? Few living in the world of Aeons have answers to those questions, though the most recent fall may have been caused by an assault from space by the Gurathi 2,000 years ago. Details are sparse, as civilization on the land is just beginning to pull together.

In many areas people are still quite barbaric, while in others feudalism and early city states are emerging. The most glorious of all the cities on the surface is Tok. Its cultural and technological influence can be felt for hundreds of miles from its borders.

Aiding in the spread of civilization is the near-constant presence of wandering Andi, uniting the disparate tribes of intelligent creatures with language and basic technology.

Ancient roads and ruins can be found everywhere. From under the ground strange groups of refugees sometimes emerge from the dying cities of the Torani. Lurking beneath the waves a few miles off shore are the cities of the ancient Merani Empire, where events above on the surface are of trifling concern. Floating in the skies above, among the clouds, are the aeropoleis of the Kordath Confederation. Beyond the skies, visible even during the day, is the Sky Ring. At night its necklace of lights outshines the stars.

Setting Details

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